Light winches Haulage and lifting for  heavy loads

5 and 10 ton-force light haulage winch

Treuil de halage léger FMU 5 et 10 tonnes For metallic cables from diameter 8 to diameter 40 mm
This winch can be equipped, without any modification, with up to 2 hydraulic units that will enable to lift from 5 to 10 tons.
The wedge pulley (made up of special steel - diameter 700 mm) enables the lifting of cables up to 24 mm, without damaging them.
4 rollers included (for diameters 8, 16, 32 and 36-40 - possibility to chose other diameters without any price change)
Option : lifting
Hydraulic power on demand

Use : unwinding of cables under tension, change of cables on cranes and lifts, recovery of used cable, setting of civil engineering works.

Use fields : maritime, off-shore, mountains, public works, mines, industry.

10-ton haulage winch

Change of cable


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