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Gas hydraulic unit 13 HP with remote control (soundproofed for reference CTH13I/R)

CTH13/R et CTH13I/R (insonorisée)
Centrale hydraulique essence 13 ch radiocommandée (insonorisée pour la version CTH13I/R)

To power 2 winches in parallel (TLPC or TAP type)
Galvanized steel frame
Vanguard 13 HP engine electric starter 12 VDC
Hydraulic cooler reservoir
Proportional distribution
Proportional remote control
Handling tyres and handles
Selection valve to chose the flow rate : 1 or 2 ways
Hydraulic flexible (6 meters length and anti pollution couplers)
Flow rate : 36 l./mm
Pressure : 135 bars
Dimensions (cm) : 60 X 56 x 87
Unladen weight : 75 kg (165 lbs)
Weight (working) : 90 kg (198 lbs)


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