Rescue winches Portable lifting

Safety control unit and hydraulic engine

Groupe de commande de sécurité avec motorisation hydraulique To power and control the CH/TB winch
Hydraulic motor
Control stick
Safety regulation speed and force device
With 3 meters of flexible and anti pollution couplers
To be used in very extreme conditions
Weight : 3.7 kg


In the same range of products :
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Crank gear
Automatic cable recuperator arm
Braking rewind uncoiler
Manual rewind frame for CH/BS 700 storage reel
Metallic cable with loops
Aramid cable with splices
Stabilization frame
Opening jack
Spring dynamometer
Special olive-shape knob
Lifting pulley block
Opening jack and tyrolese pulley
Opening jack and adult tyrolese pulley
Gripping jaw
Rescue hoist pole
Sliding plates
Sack truck
Flexible extension
Complementary products :
Hydraulic unit 4 HP (Diesel)
Gas hydraulic unit 4 HP
Gas hydraulic unit 6.5 HP (option : remote control)
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Universal frame with 3-meter straps

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